About Us

Founded in 2010 with a simple vision to better the norm in our field of expertise.

Since then we have grown, and continue to grow, a team we are fiercely proud of: a team of talented and passionate engineers, built on deep expertise and dynamic personalities, who have established a glowing reputation for themselves and work hard every day to uphold it.

We make buildings live and breathe. Simply, effectively and efficiently.

We make the buildings we live and work in a comfortable climate. We make the places we buy our food from function, to keep food fresh.

We provide hidden industries with cooling and mechanical systems to keep their businesses operating, and the economy moving.

We make buildings live & breathe. Simply, effectively & efficiently.

Our Ethos

AB Group focuses on developing and maintaining trusting relationships with our clients. We do this by offering a personalised, responsive and consistent service, and reliable technical expertise. To maintain these relationships we know that we need to understand and add value to our clients’ businesses.

We are Acutely aware of the impact our system designs have on your capital cost and maintenance needs but also we understand the complex factors associated with lifecycle costs and environmental footprint in energy, carbon and design for reuse

Helping our clients realise and exceed their ambitions is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to the quality of our service delivery applies to all work undertaken, irrespective of size or value.

This is all underwritten with an unwavering focus on engineering best practice.

We make the buildings we live & work in comfortable. We make the places we buy our food function.